Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Hack Hungry Shark Evolution

Good morning to you all out there. I am not going to waste your time. I am going to get right into it. My team and I have figured out how to hack computer programs and when one of us starting playing  playing hungry shark evolution we all got into it. Next thing you know we are all competing to get the Megaladon shark. Then one of us had the brightest idea to hack the game. A case of red bull and 2 weeks later we had officially hacked the game and configured it to run on either andriod or ios platforms. And to be frank we had thought about releasing it to the public for a fee but we thought all what the heck. Why don't we give it out for free. So we decided to make a website about the hungry shark evolution cheats and hack we created so you can all download it for free. But to cover the cost of the production and distribution and future hacks we are asking you to complete a free survey. After you complete the brief survey (1-2 minutes) you are directed to the download page. Where you can download hungry shark evolution cheats and hack made exclusive by my team and I.

Here is what you have to do. You can either go to and go the hungry shark evolution page. Or you can watch the video here and follow the link the in the description.